Inofficial firmware images for Pycom devices


Please read these notes carefully to know what this is all about. The source code for all firmware images published on this page is available from the Espressif SDK for ESP32 repository, its Pycom fork and the Pycom MicroPython repository.

More details about the individual builds can be found on Inofficial firmware bakery for Pycom/ESP32 devices.


Kudos to all people from MicroPython, Pycom Limited, Espressif Systems, FreeRTOS and the authors of countless 3rd party modules for their hard work bringing these things to the community. You know who you are.

Official and inofficial vanilla images

There are various flavors. Enjoy!




Customized images


Note 1: Roberts builds usually include some utility scripts in frozen bytecode:

Note 2: There is also a firmware image for a generic ESP32 board. The difference to Pycom WiPy is that GPIO pins can be called “GPIOxx” instead of “Pxx”. Limitation: This works either on a Rev0 board without SPIRAM or a Rev1 board with SPIRAM.



The software and respective customized builds are provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


While apparently open source licenses like the MIT and the GPLv3 and the respective licenses of 3rd-party modules apply in general, please take special notice about the license notes Pycom published through Pycom FAQ v2.2 and Pycom Licences v2.2.

This software was developed by Pycom Limited for the WiPy, LoPy and SiPy series of boards and is copyright (c) 2017 Pycom, Damien P. George, Espressif Systems and others.